REMINDER: H2IQ Hour April 27: Concentrated Solar Power as a Pathway for Electrolytic Hydrogen Production

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April 27, 2022

REMINDER: H2IQ Hour April 27: Concentrated Solar Power as a Pathway for Electrolytic Hydrogen Production

Join the H2IQ Hour on April 27 at 12 p.m. EDT to learn about how concentrated solar power can enable clean hydrogen production goals. William Xi and Mark Ruth of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will present a new solar-electrolysis techno-economic assessment capability: low-temperature and high-temperature electrolysis in the System Advisor Model (SAM) environment. They will also present analysis results including opportunities for solar-hydrogen systems to achieve the $2/kg hydrogen cost target on the pathway to meet Hydrogen Shot’s goal of $1 per kilogram of clean hydrogen in one decade.

The H2IQ Hour will include a 40-minute live presentation followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. A recording of the H2IQ Hour will be available on the website after the event.

Register today.

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