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Transportation Analysis Fact of the Week #1210


November 1, 2021

Sixty Percent of Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Ports Had Power Levels Greater Than 50 kW in the First Quarter of 2021

DC fast chargers are critical to reducing charging times for electric vehicles (EVs). The more power a charging station can supply, the faster an EV can charge, provided that the vehicle is engineered to accept those power levels. Early DC fast charging stations were often capped at 50 kilowatts (kW). However, a majority of DC fast charging ports now exceed 50 kW with some ports supplying up to 350 kW of peak power.

DC Fast Chargers by Power Level, Quarter 1, 2021

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Trends from the Alternative Fueling Station Locator: First Quarter 2021. Golden, CO.

Electrify America, How Does Electric Vehicle (EV) Public Charging Work?, accessed Sept 24, 2021.

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